Trade house NIKO Ltd. (TH NIKO) 

Official importer of Mitsubishi Motors in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, is a part of the NIKO group that was established in 1992. NIKO is the leading national corporation including 30 companies with various types of activities.

The Automobile business of the group is represented by the companies involved in import and distribution (Mitsubishi Motors), retail sales (Audi, Infiniti, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Citroen) and companies providing car maintenance and repair services.

Though NIKO is mostly known as the automobile corporation, it has also formed the large-scale structure consisting of transportation, leasing, insurance, logistics, engineering, construction, investment, asset management and financial companies with more than 2000 employees.

TH NIKO, one of the leading companies of the NIKO Group, has achieved impressive results in the Ukrainian market: its dealership network currently includes 54 companies, covering every regional centre in Ukraine; the company has sold more than 80,000 Mitsubishi cars, making it the best selling imported car brand in Ukraine for 5 consecutive years. Moreover, based on last year's sales, TH NIKO was the top Mitsubishi Motors importer in Europe.

The company's success in the Ukrainian market can be attributed to a number of key factors, such as: coherent implementation of a regional development strategy, client-oriented policy, promoting brand loyalty among local Mitsubishi fans, due to which their numbers keep growing in Ukraine year after year. The company's achievements have been recognised not only by Mitsubishi car fans, but also by independent automotive experts. Mitsubishi has been recognized as "Automobile Brand of the Year" by the nationwide "Brand of the Year Contest" and NIKO was awarded with the title “The most expensive Automobile Brand”.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of our strategy, focused not only on charitable programs but also on resolution of major problems of our society. TH NIKO participates in a range of nationwide social events and provides continuous support to Ukrainian football through cooperation with the Football Federation of Ukraine. The Federation, along with Mitsubishi cars and an army of millions of fans, is heading towards a historically significant event - the final stage of the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship.

The company also pays special attention to the development of automotive sports in Ukraine, including annual sponsorship of the nationwide Yalta Rally and support of the Prime Rally Team. The company's social activities also include the nationwide project "Courtesy on the Roads". Being supported by the Ministry of education and Kiev Traffic Police, this project helps children to actively learn the traffic rules.

Support of Ukraine's cultural life is in the company's focus as well; TH NIKO is the official sponsor of the Ivan Franko National Academic Drama Theatre, the Kyiv Academic Puppet Theatre, All-Ukrainian “Searching for Pearls” Project (young gifted people search), "NIKO Cup" - show-jumping tournament and many others.

But one of the major achievements of the TH NIKO is partnership with International Bodyguard Federation on Bodyguard World Cup.


"Fort" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

In 1994 for development and manufacture of domestic fire-arms and special means under the decision of the government research-and-production association "Fort" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is formed Paying attention on importance of tasks which face to association, in 1998 the Cabinet of Ministers has made the decision on granting to the enterprise of the status state. At the enterprise works more than 600 skilled experts, manufacture is equipped with the precision processing centers, modern computer technical equipment, the most up-to-date technologies take root. Products of association "FORT" are difference of the President of Ukraine " Nominal fire-arms".

The chief, the colonel of militia Victor Grigorjevich Pisarenko supervises over work of state enterprise NPO " Fort ". Victor Grigorjevich has 12 patents for the invention and is the author of 15 monographers'. During the work he has been marked by many government awards, including an award " For Merits ". Except for intense industrial activity, he carries out powerful public work. Pisarenko V.G. is the president of Vinnitsa regional federation of bullet shooting club.