Competition's history 1997-2009

1994. This year the Ukrainian representatives were first time present during the international competition, which took place in city Riga (Latvia) under the aegis of International bodyguards association (IBA). This was the first contest of IBA, four Latvian teams, England, Italian, and Norwegian teams took part in it.

1995. This year Stuttgart (Germany) took the relay-race, Ukrainian and Russian teams joined previous participants. This was the first contest for the Ukrainian team.

1996. The IBA championship took place in Saint-Petersburg (Russia). After each contest, its program enlarged and rules improved.

1997. During the fourth championship, which took place in Bologna (Italy), participants competed in shooting from different postures, in special car driving, in walking escort tactics and providing the first medical aid to VIP, searching for mockup explosives devices in the car.

This year, on Leonid Kucherjavy's, Vasil Vakulenko's, Petro Sherekin's, Vasil Krutov's initiative, with the help of Goskomsport of Ukraine and "Dynamo" the first Ukrainian Championship took place in Kyiv. The state security service team, the ministry of interior affairs team, state security department team and private security agencies teams took part in it. It was the first mile stone in the history of new kind of sport in Ukraine - bodyguards' all-round competition.

1998. The second Championship of Ukraine took place in Kyiv in September teams from Belarus', Great Britain, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Southern Korea, Ukraine arrived in our capital, in Kyiv to participate in the fifth IBA Championship. In the stubborn struggle Ukrainian team won the first place.

1999. One of the most picturesque cities of Ukraine, city-resort Yalta agreed to conduct open Ukrainian Championship with the participation of Belarusion and Russion teams. As a matter of fact it was the first international bodyguard’s all-round competition on September of the same year National Team of Ukraine went to London (Great Britain) and won second place among eight teams, which participated in the sixth IBA Championship.

2000. Thanks to the initiative and under the support of the officials of the Department State of the guard of Ukraine, "Dynamo", Goskomsport of Ukraine, Fund of social protection of servicemen DSG of Ukraine the Ukrainian National Championship and the International competition "Bodyguard" (Bodyguards' all-round competition) took place the second time in city Yalta.

The best teams from state and non-state, private security services from Belarus', Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine show their battlecraft, exchange their experience, raise qualification.

2001. Again city Yalta accepts 14 team-participants of the third International tournament and the fifth Ukrainian Championship.

The work gives the result.

The work gives the result. The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine recognizes new sport – bodyguards' all-round competition. After that Goskomsport of Ukraine approves the competition rules and introduces it into Common (united) sport qualification of Ukraine. These decisions were culmination in legal making professional sport – bodyguards' all-round competition.

For the first time bodyguards received sport categories, sport's master ranks of Ukraine and international category.

2002. From year to year this international competition becomes more and more representative. Presidential security services teams from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia and Moldova participated in the fourth International contest "Bodyguard 2002" and in the sixth Championship of Ukraine bodyguards' all-round competition on the 4-9th of June. The security service of the autonomous republic Crimea, State Security Service of Ukraine, Regional Sebastopol organization "Dynamo", State Taxes Administration of Ukraine and also non-state security services "Titan-Stirol" (city Gorlovka, Donetsk region), "Schit" (city Donetsk), "Meta" (city Lugansk), "GAI" of Ukraine in Simpheropol, "Poznyaky-Service" (Kyiv), and team from Fund of social protection of servicemen DSG of Ukraine took part in this competition. In the end of the contest "Bodyguard-2002", the State Security Service of Ukraine won first place, presidential security service of Republic Kazakhstan won the second one, and the team of State Security of Kirghizia Republic occupied the third place.

Among state security services teams of Ukraine, the team of the security service of the autonomous republic Crimea won first place, the "A" department of the state security service of Ukraine took the second place, and Regional Sebastopol organization "Dynamo" won the third place.

Among non-state security services of non-state plants of Ukraine the Fund of social protection of servicemen DSG of Ukraine team won first place, the "Titan- Stirol" (city Gorlovka, Donetsk region) - the second, the team "Schit" (city Donetsk) - the third. Petro Shelemin showed the biggest results in shooting from different postures (100 points) from the "A" department team of the state security service of Ukraine, Konstantin Chorniy - (98 points) from the DSG of Ukraine team. Andriy Sergienko (97 points) from the Fund of social protection of servicemen DSG of Ukraine team.

Konstantin Khomenko showed excellent technique of hand-to-hand fight
(82 points), he is from the DSG of Ukraine team, Sergey Kushch (81 points) from "Titan-Stirol" team (city Gorlovka, Donetsk region) and Andriy Rudchenko
(79 points) from the DSG of Ukraine team.
Konstantin Chorniy – 1.07,33 (DSG of Ukraine team), Sergey Nikolaenko - 1.09,47 and Vyacheslav Nechiporenko – 1.09,57 (DSG of Ukraine team) showed high technique of car driving in extreme situation and they got-over special obstacles track the first.

For the first time K. Chorniy, V. Nechiporenko, K. Khomenko, A. Rudchenko,
R. Rayuk, S. Nikolayenko, M. Lavrinenko, A. Miroshkin received sport's master ranks of Ukraine.

In this year Goskomsport for the first gives the rank of "National field judge" to V. Vakulenko, L. Kucheryaviy, A. Luchok, A. Derevyanko, and V. Kozak.

2003. Seventeen teams come to Ukraine to participate in the fifth International tournament "Bodyguard-2003" and in the seventh Championship of Ukraine, including teams from Belarus', Georgia, Kazakhstan and Moldova. Observers from Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Russia came on the competition to acquaint with it. Like the result of the contest "Bodyguard-2003" Ukrainian team won first place, Belarus' – the second one, Kazakhstan – the third.

In the championship of Ukraine the Fund DSG team (K. Khomenko, O. Tsurgan, V. Budylov, O. Plaksin) took the first place, "A" team of state security service of Ukraine won the second place (P. Shelemin, E. Sirenko, S. Andrienko, Y. Litovka), "Alfa-Schit" team – the third (Y. Lysyi, A. Kostyk, V. Gueraschenko, S. Landov).

Among the state security services "А" team of State Security Service of Ukraine won first place, in autonomous republic Crimea took the second and team "A" from Sebastopol took the third.

"Alfa-Schit" won first place among non-state security services, the fund DSG team took the second and "Titan-Stirol" – the third. F. Abdalimov showed the best results in hand-to-hand fight - 89.4 points, A. Rudchenko – 89.3 points, V. Zeleniy – 85.1 points. A. Rudchenko became the best in shooting – 95 points, A. Tsurgan – 92 points. A. Kostyk was the first, who over-passed the obstacles track by car – 1.04,6, K. Tchorniy – 1.05,38 and V. Nechyporenko – 1.09,6.

For the first time Sergei Andrienko, Vladislav Budylov, Vladislav Zeleniy, Yuriy Lytovka, Oleg Plaksin, Eduard Syrenko, Aleksiy Tsurgan received sport's master ranks of Ukraine.

2004. Sixteen teams participated in the International tournament "Bodyguard-2004" and in the Championship of Ukraine, including teams from Russia, Belorus', Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Ukraine.

In the end of this contest "Bodyguard-2004" the team from Kazakhstan won first place (Khafrat Abdalimov, Evgeniy Alekseev, Myrzagali Kogilov and Daniyar Rakhmeshev), Ukrainian team (Konstantin Tchorniy, Vladislav Zelenyi, Vyacheslav Nechiporenko and Andriy Rudchenko) took the second place, Belarusian team (Dmitriy Martsenkevich, Dmitriy Lasuta, Anatoliy Mykheichyk and Andriy Lukahsin) occupied the third place.

In the Championship of Ukraine the Fund DSG team (Konstantin Khomenko, Aleksiy Tsurgan, Aleksandr Mutel' and Andrey Sergienko ) won first place, "А" team of State Security Service of Ukraine (Ruslan Lugevskiy, Sergiy Tupalskiy, Dmitriy Gololobov, Dmitriy Kuzmenko) took the second place, of DG in autonomous republic Crimea (Roman Lapa, Roman Rayuk, Maksim Lavrennikov and Viktor Kashin) took the third place.

Andriy Rudchenko (Ukraine) was the best in the hand-to-hand fight as well as Konstantin Khomenko (the Fund DSG team) and Roman Lapa (in autonomous republic Crimea). Dmitriy Khomenko ("А" team of State Security Service of Ukraine), Ruslan Lugevskiy (GD"А" team of State Security Service of Ukraine) and Valentin Gyrya ("Dynamo-Ars" city Donetsk, Ukraine) showed best results in quick shooting. Anatoliy Mikheychik (Belarus'), Konstantin Tchorniy (Ukraine) and Vadim Gavrilenko (Russia) were the best in car driving.

2005 23 teams of security services of the VIP from Belarus and Moldova, India and Georgia, Latvia and Russia, of cities of Ukraine: Donetsk and Sevastopol, Gorlovka and Dnepropetrovsk, Yalta and Kremenchug, Kiev and Simferopol arrived to Yalta for participation in 7-th International tournament " the Bodyguard 2005 " and 9-th Championship of Ukraine on multiathlon of bodyguards. 178 participants, observers and visitors within four competitive days showed the individual skill, exchanged experience in professional work.

In opinion of participants the organizators of tournament have perfectly prepared places of carrying out of competitions. The pedestrian support the VIP passed on avenues of wonderful and solar quay of Yalta, in a shadow of magnificent branches of century maples. Participants carried out shooting exercises on a shooting range in settlement Massandra, and skill management of the automobile showed at airport "Belbek" near Sevastopol.

On results of competitions in tournament "Bodyguard - 2005" the first place was borrowed with a team of Ukraine in structure of Konstantin Cherniy, Vladislav Zeleny, Vyacheslav Nechiporenko and Andrey Rudchenko. The team of Ukraine has been created on the basis of Department the State of the guard of Ukraine the State Secusity Guard of Ukraine and constantly takes part in the international competitions of bodyguards. This year to winners the rank of the master of sports of Ukraine of the international class for the first time has been given.

The second place was occupied with a team of Belarus - the constant participant of the international tournaments which are taking place in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and in the homeland in Belarus. The team has, not only a wide experience of participation in competitions on multiathlon of bodyguards, but owns a high level of professionalism. In structure of a team acted Vladimir Stanchik, Michael Yozhikov, Anatoly Mihejchik and Nikolay Shkred.

The third in tournament "Bodyguard - 2005" became debutants of competitions a team of India. In structure of a team were Naval Synge, Radzhesh Dhakarval, Maidens Lal Gudzhar and Amrendar Synge Gil. Despite of a debut, a level of professionalism and results of performance have made on spectators and judges unforgettable impression. The team has made a worthy competition.

Struggle among teams of participants of the Championship of Ukraine was not less interesting.
The first in persistent struggle became military men of the Protection service in Autonomous republic Crimea Roman Lapa, Roman Rajuk, Maxim Lavrennikov and Victor Kashin. They for the first time at these competitions have executed the specification of the master of sports of Ukraine.

The second place was borrowed with a team of Fund of social protection of pensioners (FOSPP), employees and military men FOSPP of Ukraine in structure of Konstantin Homenko, Alexey Tsurgan, Alexander Mutelj and Oleg Plaksin.

The third - a team of Management "A" Security services of Ukraine in structure of Andrey Sokol, Vitaly Samojlenko, Sergey Bojchuk and Alexey Radkevich.

Prize-winners of the Championship of Ukraine of 2005 numerous participants of the previous competitions of the championship of Ukraine on multiathlon of bodyguards.
The best results in shooting from various positions was shown by Konstantin Vysotsky (94 points) from a team "A" Kremenchug, his colleague Alexander Hrapovsky (93 points), and also Maxim Lavrennikov (93 points) from a team of the Protection service in Autonomous republic Crimea.

Magnificent skill possession of receptions of hand-to-hand fight was shown by Roman Lapa (WITH АРК) - receptions in his performance have been appreciated by judges in 85,1 points. Konstantin Homenko (Fund FOSPP) has collected 84,9 points, and Maxim Lavrennikov (WITH АРК) 82,9 points.

Oleg Plaksin on the automobile overcame a special distance with hurdles and have shown masterly technics of driving (Fund FOSPP) with result 1:09,14sеc. The Second result - 1:09,64sеc. at the participant of team "Ukrsibbank" Dmitry Romanjuk, and the third on a distance was Jury Ostapchuk from a team "Askania-trading" with result in 1:11,06sеc.

Competition "Bodyguard - 2005" has given an opportunity to define a modern level of development of security activity and requirements to it, to get concrete skills of professional work in conditions approached to real, once again to exchange experience.

2006. Year 2006 for organizational committee and participants was special one. This year was 10-th anniversary for all-rounders of Ukraine and 8-th international tournament "Bodyguard-2006". For participate in competitions 22 teams from regions of Ukraine and Byelorussia, Russia, Georgia, India and Moldova arrived. 88 sportsman-multiathlonists compete to name themselves - champions.

As a results of the tournament "Bodyguard-2006" first place took team of Ukraine the service men of Department the State of the guard of Ukraine: Khomenko Konstantin, Tsurgan Oleksij, Nechiporenko Viacheslav and Rudchenko Andrew, second place - team of Department of State Guard of the president of Byelorussia republic: Stanchik Vladimir, Novikov Anton, Miheichik Anatolij and Shvajba Roman, third place team of the State security guard of the president of Georgia: Gogoladze Grigol, Lortkipanidze Zviada, Shubitidze Ilji and Shavelashvili Ramaz.

In Ukrainian championship places were in the next order: first place - team of the Security Department in Crimea: Lapa Roman, Rajuk Roman, Lavrennikov Maksim and Kashin viktor; second place "Ukrsibbank" team - Siruk Oleksij, Romanura Dmitro, Koshik Oleksandr and Aleksienko Nikolaj; third place took the second team of "A" headquarters of secret Service of Ukraine those are Sokol Andrij, Novak Anatolij, Bojchuk Sergij and Shevchenko Sergij.

The best of the best in different types of competitions were: high speed combat shooting from different places - Proskuriakov Andrij with result 95 points (team of "A"of secret Service of Ukraine Kremenchug city); hand-to-hand fighting - Novik Anton with the result 84,2 points (team of Security Department of the president of Byelorussia); protective driving - Rudchenko Andrew (team of State Security guard of Ukraine).

2007. The 9th Bodyguard-2007 International Competition and the Ukrainian Multiple Competition of Bodyguards have been held this year. 26 teams from Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, India, Macedonia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukrainian regions took part in the competitions.

The teams took turns in leadership among themselves. It is the final all-around event that identified the winners of the tournaments.

The team of the Department of the State guard of Ukraine took the first place (Andrey Rudchenko, Konstantin Khomenko, Konstantin Chernyi, and Aleksandr Kutsak); the Belarusian team earned the second place (Anatoliy Mikheychuk, Vladimir Stanchuk, Roman Shaiba, and Nikolai Shkred); and the Georgian team completed third (Grigol Gogoladze, Romaz Shavelashvili, Roland Gogua, and Malkhaz Bedinadze).

The Competition of Ukraine ranked the winners as follows: The Team of the Crimean State Security occupied the first place (Roman Rayuk, Roman Lagutenko, Aleksei and Roman Lapa); the team of UkrSibbank took the second place (Aleksei Surik, Dmitriy Romaniuk, Nikolai Alekseyenko, and Aleksandr Koshik); and the third position was assigned to the State Security AdministrationFund of Ukraine (Mikhail Motruk, Vitaliy Parkhoma, Roman Avdeyev, and Pavel Poliakov).

The best individual event results were shown by:

  • Kumar Raj with 97 points at the 1st place, Aleksandr Khrapovitsiy with 95 points at the 2nd place, and Roman Rayuk with 95 points at the 3rd place in rapid shooting from different positions;

  • Andrey Rudchenko with 83.3 points at the 1st place, Roman Lapa with 82.2 points at the 2nd place, and Anatoliy Mikheychuk at the 3rd place in close fight techniques demonstration;

  • Andrey Rudchenko with 1 min and 09.33 sec at the 1st place, Nikolai Alekseyenko with 1 min and 10.61 sec at the 2nd place, and Anatoliy Mikheychuk at the 3rd place
    in barrier course overcoming by car.

Multiple events of bodyguards are a team kind of sports applied in service. The best team results in combined events were achieved by the team of the Department of the State guard of Ukraine in the methods and tactics of VIP protection while escorting them on foot, demonstration of close fight techniques and search of "explosives"; the Belarusian team in target shooting while escorting VIP on foot and shooting "terrorists" from car; the Indian team in rapid shooting from different positions; the team of UkrSibbank in overcoming barrier course by car; and the team of the Crimean State Security in providing medical aid and overcoming barrier course.

Titles of the Master of Sports of Ukraine in multiple events of bodyguards were assigned by the Panel of the Ministry of Ukraine for Family, Youth and Sports to the sportsmen of the team of the Presidential Security Service of Belarus Vladimir Stanchik, Anton Novik, Anatoliy Mikheychik, and Roman Shvaiba for high sports results.

2008. Traditionally in September Yalta was hosting again participants of bodyguard competition. This tournament was the very special one: 2008 is a year of the 10th anniversary of our international competition.

This year along with extended composition of the Ukrainian teams there were again teams from Byelorussia, India, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, a list was complemented by teams of such countries as Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia. Observants from Lithuania, Germany, Romania came to Yalta as well.

Before the beginning of competitions the flag of tournament there was heaved up on the top of Ay-Petri mountain. During the festive opening of tournament model appearances took place on the cars of Mitsubishi Lancer X (Drive Club "Alpha-shield"), dancing groups, and future Ukrainian participant of Eurovision-2009 song contest Svitlana Loboda entertained a crowed.

Competitions led in a tense uncompromising fight. Beginning from the first type of all-round competition (providing first medical aid and overcoming of obstacles) Ukrainian team Rudchenko Andrey, Kutsak Oleksandr, Parkhoma Vitalij, Polyakov Pavlo took a leading position , which resulted in a victory of tournament. Teams of Byelorussian Presidential Protection Service (Kopat' Oleh, Shvayba Roman Chumakov Oleksandr, Shkred Mykola), and Presidential Protection Service of Kazakhstan (Mirzaev Serzhan, Mal'debekov Nurbek, Ermekov Ardak, Zharasbaev Almat) took the second and third places accordingly.

The best individual results in the separate types of all-round competitions were:
  • first place in the speed firing from different positions - Shvayba Roman, 96 points;
  • second place - Lapa Oleksij, 95 points;
  • third place - Rudchenko Andrey, 95 points.

 In demonstration of hand-to-hand fight techniques: Rudchenko Andrey, 84,6 took first place, Kutsak Oleksandr, 83,2 - second place, Lapa Oleksij, 82,1- third place. In the overcame bars of obstacles by car: Rudchenko Andrey, 1 min. 08 seconds is the first place, Shkred Mykola, 1 min. 10 seconds is the second place, Parkhoma Vitalij, 1 min. 11,7 seconds is the third place.

2009. From year to year international competition of bodyguards becomes more and more popular not only among specialists, but also for spectators.

This year 25 commands from the countries of Europe, CIS and Ukraine participated in competitions. In the central square of Yalta, where the competition took place, more than five thousand spectators gathered.

Prize places in International tournament took the teams from Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus, and in The Championship of Ukraine - Department of guard of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukrsibbank, Federation of bodyguards of Poltava.

The best individual results in certain types of all-round were shown in rapid shooting from different positions by: Anatoly Miheychik (98 points), Nickolay Shkred and Michael Taran (97 points).

In close fight techniques demonstration: Nickolay Shkred with 86,1 points was at the 1st place, Alexey Lapa with 84,7 points – at the 2nd place, and Alexandr Kutsak with 84,4 points – at the 3rd place.

In overcoming the obstacle by car: Andrey Rudchenko with 1 min and 07 sec took 1st place. Vladimir Gribinenko with 1 min and 09 sec took 2nd place, Vladimir Los’ with 1 min and 10 sec was at the 3rd place.