Brief Description of all-round types competition of bodyguards

1. Techniques and tactics of VIP protection during walking escort.

046.jpgVIP surrounded by bodyguards gets out of the car and moves along the route. The fragments of constructions and groups of people (15-20 people) are situated along the route. During moving they imitate an attack with using short barrel weapon, object or foot/ hand kicks.
One of the participants beats off the attack, demonstrating the technique of protection, while others evacuate VIP in the protective shelter.
Participants: 4 members of the team

2. Competition shooting:

а) Individual quick shooting from different postures.

043-VP.jpgThey fire at five targets by two shots from the distance of 12 meters; the targets appear for 20 seconds. Quantity of cartridges - 10 items in two magazines (6+4). The series of postures for shooting: standing from knee, lying on the ground, form the front and back of car model with magazine changing.
Participants: 4 members of the team. 

b) Shooting at “terrorists” from the car.

Two participants stay in the car, the first on the front seat, the second on the back left seat. The car moves toward the car model behind of which the targets imitate the terrorists are installed. With the appearance of the target for 6 seconds, the car stops and the participants shoot lying on the ground, they use the door of the car like a shelter.
Participants: 4 members of the team

c) Target Shooting during walking escort of the VIP

0970.jpgVIP surrounded by bodyguards moves toward the targets. With the appearance of the target for 4 seconds, one of the participant fires at the target by three shots, which imitates the menace. Two others - protecting by their own bodies VIP, evacuate him in the protective shelter.
Participants: 4 members of the team

3. Hand-to-hand fight.

Hand-to-hand fight is conducted in form of protecting actions from leg attack, knife and stick attack. The participant, who is showing his technique, is situated in the tatami centre among three assistants within the distance 1,5-2 meters. Attacking actions are  performed one by one with elements of surprise attack.
Participants: 2 members of the team.

0259.jpg  0288.jpg

4. Getting over the obstacles track by car.

Detailed map of the obstacles track is added to the competition statute. Main elements are: imitating different "snake" movements, 180 degree turn by the reverse motion, the drive by the reverse motion into the blind alley.
Participants: 2 members of the team.

007.JPG  148.jpg

5. Providing first medical aid and getting-over the obstacles track.

IMG_5510.jpgBandaging the conventional wound of a shank or an elbow joint with two meters bandage. After that the participants carry "wounded VIP" along 300-350 meters distance, getting-over two obstacles and at the end put him into the car.
Participants: 4 members of the team. 

6. Searching for mock-up explosives devices in the car.

057.JPG Two "explosives" devices are set in the car, also there can be 2-3 objects which can be connected with "explosives" devices (insulation tape, conductor, cables and so on). Searching passes according to the safety rules and strictly to the established order. Time for searching
15 minutes.
Participants: 2 members of the team